can anyone here make a part thsat broke on my truck?

can anyone here make a part thsat broke on my truck? It the passanger side view mirrow back cover. They dont make the part so i have to now make a whoole new unit.

Did you already design the part?? Or would you need it designed?

Just a tip, but you might want to mention the make, model and year of the truck and include a link to a picture. Oh yeah…and say where on earth you are because if a person it on the other side of the planet, it won’t help much or will cost a bit of shipping.

no i wouldnt even know where to start

I could design it but I would need to know quite a bit about the truck. Like said above the make, model, and specific piece, as well as your location. Shoot me an email and we can chat:

@NathanielStenzel Philadelphia pa the truck is a 2015 Dodge Ram 2500 crew cab

you can get this part if you can take pictures of a good one from all angles and using a program thats free from Autodesk called Catch which is made specifically for making 3D models from pictures they make the file for you

You could probably also try using the broken part to make a mold and mold a new part using it.