Can anyone here give me the parameters for the tinyG with the R7 setup?

Can anyone here give me the parameters for the tinyG with the R7 setup? I was setting up the board and fine tuning it the board and entered some wrong information in. Mainly the travel per revolution. But if any one had all the settings I would appreciate it.

I have acquired just enough information to be dangerous and got ahead of myself.

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You need to know the microstepping your drivers are set to – I would bet 1/16 microstepping.

Stepper motors from the kit are the standard 200 (full) steps per revolution.

One revolution on the kit leadscrews should be 8mm.

So steps per mm looks like this:
16(microsteps/full step)*200(full steps)/8mm = 400 steps per mm

That is a theoretical number for each axis. From my post earlier, it was pointed out that these leadscrews are rolled (not cut), therefore you should measure and correct.

Mine ended up around 396 steps per mm.

You should start with 400, then use a tape measure and command the longest move you can. Measure again and correct with this formula:

400 (or current number) * (commanded distance/actual distance)

@Jeb_Campbell The tinyG stores it as 8mm. I ended up with 8.036 or something like that.

Always so impressed with this community.

Thank you everyone. I will try this out today. Y’all are amazing.

Well all the parameters worked fine. The only problem is I can’t get it to carve. It just plunges to full depth right through the project board.

Does anyone know if cnc.js will work with vcarve only?

@Edward_Bigham yes sir should not be a comm issue. Believe @Colin_Kaminski nailed it in another post, sounds like it is gcode production.

Hey Edward, this is for your problem with the machine driving into the table. Go to and open your G-Code and look at line 7. If it says G28 G91 Z0 delete it. Then scroll all the way down and look close to the end of your code for the same line and delete that one too and then save your code. When you get your end mill jogged over your material to where you want to zero it out in http://CNC.JS on the right side top it says “Axis, Machine Position, Work Position” next to that is a drop down menu. Click that and then under " Work Coordinate System (G54) click “Zero out work offsets”.