Can anyone help me, i'm printing on abs at 250°c,

Can anyone help me, i’m printing on abs at 250°c, but the extruder won’t stay at 250, it slowly decreases its temperature once i start printing. The strange thing that the mosfets works completely because it heats up but because of any reason it decreases

I’ve got a colling fan, but it starts at 1,5mm, so it isn’t beacause of that.
It works with pid temperature control, but it isnt normal 220 while it should be at 250. I dont know the third question, i hope but i’m not shure

Done, the problem was the gcode, ive ajusted the temperature on the printer rather than on the comuter and it completly works

Your slicer could be setting a lower temp for the second layer.

@Mark_Rehorst , you know – I’ve followed that advice for a very long time, but I’ve seen some people use fans on ABS and get some amazing quality prints. They weren’t strongly blowing, and the parts that came out were still just as strong as my parts, but after what I saw, I think the ABS with fan thing might work in some circumstances.