Can any one tell me where i make the tinyG setup changes,

Can any one tell me where i make the tinyG setup changes, would that be do in chipper ?

Hi Gary,
I already have. To re-state: with ChiliPeppr open, look on the right side. In the middle one of the widgets is called TinyG. It has the red Feedrate button. Six buttons to the right of the Feedrate button is a gear button. Click. The config widget will display and let you set most of the tinyg widget settings. Give it a try…

Sorry Kevin I didn’t see the post. But thank you, i’ll give a try

Can you in one place, this comment thread for example, describe what you have (tinyG version Hardware and Firmware,) and what you believe is working and not working so far?
You have said you have a ShapeOko2 with NEMA17 steppers.
Is it brand new build?
Have you proven in wiring and basic configuration?
Have you reviewed and followed any of the Synthetos Wiki material?
Here is a good starting point :
A simple answer to a question you asked a while ago: whether you use GRBL or tinyG to drive your ShapeOko, few would describe initial setup as simple, both new comers and seasoned users.
Have you used this machine with other control software and are transitioning to Chilipeppr?

Another suggestion: You may find this interface:!forum/chilipeppr more productive.
I suspect you are going to need to post for us some information about your setup, the Groups interface has somewhat better support for such detailed discussions.