Can a SCULPFUN S9 cut Grip Tape?

Hello everyone I’m trying to understand if the SCULPFUN S9 is the right tool for the job. I need to cut grip tape, the kind is used on skateboards, real size or finger boards, with a thickness of 1mm.

Here is an example of what I would like to cut from amazon:

I have seen the finish product of clean cuts and engraves but I’m not sure if that is doable with a 90W laser and the SCULPFUN S9.

Can anyone with more experience on the field enlighten me please? Thanks for your help.

I dont see any reason why this would not work. Initially try cutting on the tape side first, make sure the air assist is on. I have had good results on similar (self adhesice plastic) materials on my unit.

BUT! Please do not do this unless you have proper ventilation. By which I mean a case, and a fan that vents externally, and the self control not to skip on this.

As discussed here and elsewhere, the materials and glues used in these products is appallingly toxic when heated and vaporized, and very small doses can cause permanent damage. People can, and have, died from getting this wrong.

If you don’t have a machine with the right ventilation, see if you have a nearby maker space or maker club. They can help, and tend to be quite welcoming of ‘urban sports’ projects and ideas.

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Thanks so much for your reply, It is good to know it is possible, I will definitely prioritize safety, research much more and ideally find someone locally with experience that could help.