Came up with a modified version of a file i found in this group

Came up with a modified version of a file i found in this group a few post back, thought i’d share the modified layout for anyone looking for inspiration, starting point or aesthetic upgrade. NOTE: full credit goes to the original poster of this layout, i simply modified it to include the GLCD screen and UP/DOWN buttons for motorised Z-Axis.

Very nice design and look.

*Hints from experience; *
Dont switch the cooling system. Leaving it off can cause damage :(.
Of course a flow sensor and overtemp interrupter on the temp controller can help back that up :)! I’m just paranoid!

Install interlocks and a LED to indicate the LPS enable loop is open i.e. doors open, no water flow, overtemp. Many time I pulled my hair out only to find a maladjusted interlock switch!

Also you can add a voltmeter across the pot to give you a digital value for relative power.

@donkjr Thank you… i was looking at it now again and was thinking of a very similar thing, such as master warning lights would be a nice addition to the flow warning light… as in when the LPS is on/off in relation to an open lid or over temp. thank you for pointing that out :)! i’ll be sure to add it into the next render when i get more time.