Came in just under the wire!

(Tom Georgoulias) #1

Came in just under the wire!

(Carlton Dodd) #2

Those are fist-pump win moments!

(Chris Holland) #3

Yeah that is close. I defiantly would have chickened out and changed spools. But really cool

(Griffin Paquette) #4

Haha had the same happen a couple weeks ago. I considered it an efficient use of a spool ending.

(Adam Steinmark) #5

Nicely done. I’m trying to keep track of my usage though estimated material usage in Cura but it seems like Cura under estimates and if I stop a print midway I’m screwed.

Side note: do you have a Z upgrade? I see you’re also using Octoprint and the new extruder.

(Tom Georgoulias) #6

No z upgrade but you are correct on the other two. This was my first run of the v2 extruder, outside of a few test cubes to get the auto level recalibrated. I get a tiny bit of under extrusion with it so I’m still trying to get it dialed in to match what I had with the v1.

(Adam Steinmark) #7

I’m thinking of buying it when the all metal hotend comes back in stock. Let me know if its worth the $60.