Bukito printing at noise bridge San Francisco.

Bukito printing at noise bridge San Francisco. Awesome place to make stuff!

We got some video of it yesterday at the faire. The best part is the completely accidental capture of a bystander saying, “OMG look at that, wow!”

Ok, @Whosa_whatsis , @Diego_Porqueras_Deez you gotta give us the specs on that T-slot extruder…that looks freakin’ amazing.

@ThantiK We whipped that up as a prototype (looks like a much cooler, all-metal j-head) with what we had lying around. The final version probably won’t be made that way, but we needed something we could make ourselves with what we had and get working in time for the show (plus, I’ve wanted to try using T-slot for a heatsink for a while now). I’ve got some close-up pics of it that I’ll post in a bit.