Built my first micro after figuring out I almost had enough spares to put

Built my first micro after figuring out I almost had enough spares to put together a second QX95. Modified the fragile CP antenna and fitted red racerstar motors. The original will go to my bro. Happy birthday @Daniel_Climent

That’s awesome! Love the red theme!

Are those the 820 motors?

Yes, they are Racerstar 8520. I was using my spare QX95 frame, so I was locked in. I installed Betaflight on the f3 fc, are you running Cleanflight on yours?

Yeah I’m running cleanflight. With the 820’s I bet that thing is fast!

Is there really that big of an advantage to betaflight?

I’m no expert, so keep that in mind :grin:
My understanding is that because Betaflight disables a lot of “unnecessary features” (for racing anyway), that leaves more resources for the processor to do its thing.

I’m using it as an indoor flyer, so yes, it’s fast. Too fast for me!

How much does it weigh? Mine weighs a little over 50g and I’m using 720’s but mines pretty fast so yours must be crazy!

I’m at 57g with a 25c 750mah battery and 40g without.

Wow I’m kinda surprised by that. We are a lot closer in weight than I thought. How long is your flight time?

Ha! If i could keep the thing in the air long enough to figure that out I would be very satisfied.

I finally really got mine in the air today! Went out to a soccer field and really got to open up the throttle! I get about 5 minutes. Are you flying acro?

I’ve tried acro and crashed, and crashed, and crashed. One day I’ll learn. I’ve got to put more time on the simulator.

Me too… I recommend going out to a big field with it. That’s how I’ve been getting better.

Hey Sebastian what battery brand are running? I am running those same racerstar motors and on a 500mah 25c battery and doing a full throttle punch horrible voltage sag . I got a nanotech 750mah 35c much better but too heavy.

@Rich_Barry ​, your comment couldn’t be more applicable to my current situation. I fitted buzzers to both quads and they beep almost straight away fully charged. I’m using the original Eachine batteries, 750mAh, 25C. Any solutions will be gratefully received.

Same here. The nanotechs handle the drain but are heavier. Eachine are now selling a 500mah claimed to be 50c key word there claimed. I will keep in touch when i find the magic combo.

I think with 1s batteries the voltage sag is part of the game i set warn at 3.3 and land at 3.2 . Battery rebounds to 3.7 i think thats how we have to run them

Hi Rich, thanks for the info. I’ll keep an eye out, as I don’t really like flying without a battery alarm.