Built a case and ventilation setup for my printer.

Built a case and ventilation setup for my printer. (ABS stinks, I don’t think it’s healthy breathing it inside my house for 10hr prints)
Added camera to watch out for spaghetti while I’m away.

Shopped Home Depot for a window fan, flex pipe, plexi glass and door hinges. The Dlink remote control swivel camera works well for watching progress on the go. Even got room to add more camera inside the case if I need.

how did u set up that cam? is it live feed, or recording, does it need wfi? thanks

@Matthew_Del_Rosso I drilled a hole so I could mount one of my cameras to my printer frame. I like this particular camera model. It does need Wi-Fi but is live feed and can record to internal sdcard. Most Wi-Fi webcams have mobile apps for monitoring away with an mobile app. http://us.dlink.com/home-solutions/wifi-camera/

Have you considered doin the mod to stiffen up the gantry, it forms a triangle to really stiffen it up, print quality is much better at faster speeds. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:921948

@funinthefalls after seeing the before/afters of the Z Braces mod I’m eager to try it.

@Mark_Rehorst Yes I run it while printing. Can’t smell nothing…but I haven’t tried printing with it off. If it pulls the fumes outside just as good I could also save electricity.

Looks like you have ambient temperature to compensate

@Mark_Rehorst No I haven’t tried printing anything abs larger than small parts (the topview image in my post). With small prints I don’t hear much popping edges peeling after this new setup.​
I’m hoping the fan and the case help keep both temperature and drafts controlled and consistent. I might be able to enforce this more by putting tape over the case’s 4 corners.

I’ll post my results with a larger print with this setup.

I imagine you might be able to have the fan run after the printing is done instead of during the print. If you try it, please let us know how well that works out for you.

Great idea! If the fan is too much you can always just install a small PC fan that will remove enough fumes. I use this at work and is great but really expensive. I know Thingiverse has a DIY charcoal filter that you can print and works the same.


How about adding a temp controlled air heater?

Hmmmm i’m looking at building an enclosure for my Wanhao i3 as well. Was going to start with a rack wall cabinet as can get them real cheap.

@Thomas_Chandra I added the case for temperature control and outside draft protection. Any air pulled in due to exhaust is warmed up. I think that has kept temp consistent due to the heated bed. Its prevented my prints from cracking from surface so far.

I gotta test larger prints with my ventilation.
(After I finish adding an bigger sdcard slot)

@Mark_Rehorst ​​​​ I made the stinky air leave but without losing heat. I don’t think draft is a concern unless it changes the consistency of my heat. Small prints have done same quality so far. I think it’s because heat gets built up inside the case, and the pull of air from the vent isn’t as strong as it looks…even with my window fan turned on. (The exit area of the vent pipe is limited by a small duct taped 1in hole. I’m not crazy, why would I want to print inside a wind tunnel? lol)
The small amount of air leaking in from edges of the case gets warmed up to already heated air.
I think I’m safe like this as long as I keep the fan running during the entirety of the print…but if turned off and the temp changes, ABS will react to the drastic change in consistency.