Buildtak and Printrbot  sticking well together.

(Mike DiMare) #1

Buildtak and @Printrbot sticking well together. Almost too good, got my first layer too close.

(Whosawhatsis) #2

Yeah, in my first test with buildtak, it was impossible to remove the print without tearing the buildtak material. It stuck well, but a material that is going to be that difficult to release needs to be a lot stronger.

(Mike DiMare) #3

Yup, tore some off already. Trying to find ideal distance.

(Mike DiMare) #4

I’m not about to put oil on my bed, kinda defeats the purpose of BuildTak…which should be the ideal surface. Just experimenting with a set it and forget it surface. Looks like it’s truly elusive.

(Steven Hauser) #5

would adding heat or making everything cold help at all? i am thinking either cranking up the heated bed, or moving the build plate to the refrigerator/freezer.