Building image for beaglebone board

Hi all,

I am trying to build a image for beaglebone board,which supports a specified peripherals like USB,LCD Display.

I am trying to build a customization image for beaglebone board,

If any one have any idea or any link for this then please send it.

And please suggest me how to build a customized image for BBB.


Take a look at how Kamikaze is built.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for replaying,

In that link I am not able found how to build a custom image for BBB,

I am able to found already build image called Kamikaze,and Burning that image to sd card,flashing procedures and all.

but I want to build own image according to few peripherals,where i can save memory space.

Good Morning Guys,

I am waiting for your responses,

please suggest me.