Build a DIY feed paper

Hi there,

I have a X Y plotter like this:

And would like to build a feed paper but not big like this

I would like to make something flat, about 3cm high and able to load several pages one by one.
I guess he must have some existing projects of the same kind?
Where to start?

I used to design laser printers in a previous life.
Feeding paper is as much an art as an engineering discipline.

To start I would get a dead desktop printer from a thrift store and gut it for the paper/document feeder section and then add your own Arduino controller.


I suspected that it would be complicated, I intend to meet the challenge.
I’ve already boned an old printer and wanted to make sure there wasn’t an easier way before embarking on an adventure full of peripety.

I can guarantee peripety after all this is making :)!

The key is getting the friction on the picking mechanism right. That is why the feed rolls on printers are a good start. Then getting proper feed registration can be a challenge therefore pay careful attention to the printer papers path. HP, that is Cano, has this down!

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Ok thanks for the advices i’ll keep it in mind.
I saw this, look like another idea…