Bug in latest firmware

There apears to be a bug in the latest firmware from 28 days ago. When trying to manually adjust the bed or hot end temps using the LCD display, the value does not show as you are adjusting it, only once you back out one level can you see the change. Same with the jog functions.

Nothing changed in there for a long time, so if this is a bug it’s a very old one. Do you remember what firmware you had before? Can you try going back to it and see if the issue occurs there?

The firmware I had before is the one labeled firmware.bin on the github page. It works fine. The one that has the bug is labeled firmware-latest.bin on the github page. According to github, the one with the bug is only 29 days old.

I have reverted to the firmware.bin from the github page and everything is back to normal. I wish the latest firmware did not have the bug as I like the new default home screen for the LCD better.

Would you mind playing the guessing game, and trying firmware versions until you can tell us at exactly which version this starts being a problem? Would very much appreciate it.

Sure, I can run through the firmwares until I find it. Glad to help. :slight_smile:

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