BSOD windows 10

(Sergei Iudin) #1

Hello. I’ve read many reports of having BSODs with win10 64. Every time the answer is “it’s bad driver”, “chinese controller” and similar nonsense, but the fact is that it happens only when running LW makes me doubt in these statements. E.g. i can safely run windows terminal connected to my COM port for hours without BSODs, moreover i can run candle, for instance, and it will also work. I put some extra effort to figure out what exactly is so special about LW4 and i find out that it relies on node-serialport which has reports of crashing windows with prolific
to be honest i don’t see anything that could potentially fix BSODs serialport v6.2.2/ in changelog between 0.2 and 2.2, but i beg on you guys, could you please make another binary release with this commit
? I don’t really want to dive onto node and especially onto building windows binaries out of node.


(Claudio Prezzi) #2

What you describe is a very rare problem that could be related to node serialport 4 (which was used for all binaries yet). It’s possible that node serialport 6.2.2 does solve these rare problems, but updating to it is not so easy because it needs to also undate nodejs version and electron and lots of other dependencies. So be patient.


(Sergei Iudin) #3

Sure thing. Thanks in advance. I’ve already tried server running by node without binaries and it solved the problem - no BSODs anymore.