"Brushless Edition" almost done! =)

“Brushless Edition” almost done! =)

Ahhh, i should have bought a new servo a long time ago! Steering finally works as it should! =)
And it´crazy fast!

Man i´m gonna need alot of diffs now! :wink:

new servo… make sure the end points are set correctly on your steering. i.e. so that the servo is not trying to push past the point of maximum left or right.

diffs - have you blow one already?! look up “gear diff shim” on google… and check the punch settings on your esc.

oh and… brushless is good isn’t it?

@Jari_Worsley no i did not actually, and yes the servo moves a little to much. I was done around midnight so I just drove the car to the end of the street and back.
No diffs broken but they will… I look forward too working on better diffs though.
I have never driven a brushless setup before and, wow it’s fast!

The center driveshaft broke but it was expected, they are way too weak. But I won’t buy new ones, it’s to easy… I’ll make my own at work. :wink:

Notice the battery is now on top, there was no way to fit it next to the diff as originally thought…

i didnt find how to connect the servo to the stering wheels, where is it ?