Brook Drumm talking about operations at the printrbot hq.

@Brook_Drumm1 talking about #printrbot operations at the printrbot hq.
he discussed some of his future plans for the company, and it is impressive. He plans on expanding to what he calls “tools for makers”.
From what I understand, he is still very dedicated to the open source movement. Laser cut isn’t the only medium he will be working in, as he wants to make more robust and reliable equipment (he does understand the limitations and fallbacks of the printrbot design).
I wish you all the luck Brook!

Did he talk more about the laser cutter, or the cnc. I would love to get a laser from printrbot. I love my original and my simple. They both work great. There was also talk about a multi extruder. I would love to get my hands on one of those too. You must live close, this is not the first time you have gone there. (Lucky)

He talked a little about the laser cutters (they have 3). I got to see a prototype of a multi-extruder printrbot+ and something else that is hush-hush for now. They are working on the multi-extruder upgrades and I think it will be part of an add-on board for the printrboard, but don’t quote me on that.
They didn’t have a CNC mill (that I could see) or even a lathe. From what I understood, all of the hot ends are hand-made and assembled by Carl Ubis himself (again, don’t quote me on that).
I live about 30 mins from the place, and once a month Brook holds a Meetup to talk about 3d printer stuff.

Where are these meetups listed? Also, yes the printrboard will have an addon for the multi extruders, actually got to see it at Maker Faire. Did they have more Printrbot Pro’s there in extruded metal?

Just the one Printrbot Pro. Brook actually wasn’t satisfied with the design and said he might completely redo it.
The meetup is listed on under norcal reprap meetup.

Omg a little laser cutter on my desk. I must have. Now I have to decide do I wait for a monster printrbot or do I go for the ultimaker for the resolution.