Brook Drumm has really nailed this whole reality TV thing. ; ) Just kidding,

@Brook_Drumm has really nailed this whole reality TV thing. ; ) Just kidding, we all support you Brook!

Visualization of new ideas for printrbot

Dude, I should post a contest for the worst screengrab from All American Makers! This one is bad, but there are way worse ones in there if you dig! C’mon! You can find worse!! :wink: Man it’s brutal watching yourself on TV…, why didn’t someone tell me my profile was that weird!?

The camera operator missed an opportunity to line up the object on the back shelf to look like horns.

@Brook_Drumm I see endless entertainment.


Awesome show! Even though I did immediately know that it would either be the filter cup or the camera from the beginning… You could kinda tell, cuz the other two are novelty-ish.

amazing job man!

Thanks! The folks I watched with thought bugasalt because they wanted one. You go kinda have to factor in what makes good tv and what is really marketable. Marc has good instincts. Brian and I are kept n the dark and we can’t talk to the makers, so it unfolds for us in real life too

@Brook_Drumm You’ve said to much already. They’re after you. :wink:

I just watched it on youtube cause we will probably never get it in Canada. It’s great show, but would have loved more tech details, how the things were designed, the prototype process,…
Bottom line more tech less business drama.