Bridging Questions I've been experimenting with bridging on the printer I just finished and

Bridging Questions
I’ve been experimenting with bridging on the printer I just finished and I am having some issues and not getting great results.

On my old machine, which was the converted CNC machine I talk about all the time, I printed a giant whistle model in PLA. When the top closed it ran many linear lines, runners, across the top and it worked great. I then printed the small one, same results. This used an older verision of Slic3r (sorry, don’t recall exact revision)

On my new machine printing ABS I’ve been trying to print a bridging test piece ( ) And when I print it (sliced by Slic3r 0.9.8 or Kisslicer latest version) the bridging method is to draw two ‘runners’ across the tips of the vertical posts, and then draw a zig-zag between the runners. The runners come out awesome, but the zig-zag, not so much, even with fan cooling.

Is there a way to make Slic3r run the first layer of a bridge as all runners between the points, rather than doing the runners+zigzag fill?

Any help is appreciated!

P.S. That pic is not my prints, my prints look much worse :stuck_out_tongue:

I have definitely found the newer Slic3r versions to do some stupid bridging. Not sure if there’s any setting that will change it, except the revert to 7.2b setting, that one always seems to work. :slight_smile: I’ve had really good luck with Kisslicer’s bridging though, strange that it didn’t work for you.

Thanks for your resposne. Going back to the old version is an option but it had other problems that haggered me on certain models. I did find there was a fix submitted for bridging in the wrong direction so maybe that’s it.