Brandon I went to order the dust boot and it was back to maintenance

I went to order the dust boot and it was back to maintenance mode. Is the thing sold out. I guess if you snooze you lose.

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Edit: links gone. Stay tuned.

Afternoon all.
Need a little help with something, and couldn’t think of a better place to ask then here among friends.

You guys have looked for a dust solution for a while from our group. We have been working on this and have a nice solution. The solution is not complete as of yet. We would like you guys to have the first chance at purchase, use and comment and have priced the dust boot just for that. This price and link will only be posted here and just for you guys. It wont be up long. Please contact us at if there are any questions after.

Hmm, that’s not an SMW3D link! Here comes the next surprise. We have been working on a site in the background for about a year. You guys will be the first to visit the site outside of our team. Venture around, have a walk-through, see what our new digs looks like. The site is not completely done (A LOT OF WORK) but getting close. After the dust boots are gone the link will go back to maintenance mode. We will treat this as a type of acid test :).

Oh – almost forgot, that is not a 400w in the image either… There is a 600W spindle and spindle clamps that we have been putting through the coals. It is a monster and spindle speed control via the M1 is amazing!! We don’t know the life of the unit yet, we are only at ~100 hours of testing. Want to join the fun? These are also beta priced for anyone wanting to step up the power.