Box maker help

I used a box maker online to come up with a gray with three compartments. I don’t know what I did wrong but the fingers didn’t match up perfectly with the holes. This resulted in me having to chisel fingers to line up with holes and have partial voids in most holes … In any case here is the not so great result.

Anyone have any recommendations on how to ensure that everything lines up the first time without a ton of extra work? Is it possible that I just screwed it up? Do you have a preferred box maker?

These are the files in question:



What box designer did you use?

I am also wondering why this finger slot appears lower than the others since it’s not like that in the files you posted.

This was the typetray. I noticed that as well.

The massive crack is due to brute force when I got a bit upset.

I have had this happen randomly with files before. I tightened my y-axis belt slightly hoping that it was some play or something with it. But, that wouldn’t make sense either since it goes over same spot in each pass.

I run K40 Whisperer through Parallels on my MacBook Pro since my PC is through a wall and about 15 feet from my laser.

The files you posted look good to me. @Scorch , do you know of any issues with running Whisperer through Parallels on a Mac?

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No, there are not any issues.