Bowden/e3d users, what ARE your retract settings?

Bowden/e3d users, what ARE your retract settings? (and how long is your bowden?)

Mines about 600mm long and that’s a standard enough combo that someone out there is getting good results…

1.75mm? PLA?

Derp - @Mike_Miller . “What are your retract settings?” followed by “Mine’s 600mm long” is very confusing. I was like what the fuck…how and why is he retracting that far?

I have a 660 Bowden and a retract of between 4 and 14mm at 60mm/s. I tend to play around a lot with it as I’ve had lots of issues with filament jamming in the hot end. Did read that too low a retraction and you get more jams. The jury is still out here.

@ThantiK I’m nothing if not unintentionally confusing. :wink: retract heavy prints are this printers weakness…

I do around 6mm to 10mm of retraction at 60mm sec

That seems to be working interestingly (with the Halo figure I’m attempting to print)…never noticed how loud the bowden motor is, though…I may have to mount it on rubber standoffs.

Bowden on Ingentis about 500mm. Retract is 4mm for pla at 150mm/s. You also need your extruder acceleration set as high as possible (mines at 5000mm/s²). Don’t forget max feed rate might need to be adjusted too.

600 + bowden. Retract is 4mm at 150mm/s.