Both on GBRL and TinyG workspaces,

Both on GBRL and TinyG workspaces, zooming in with mouse wheel seems to be broken, chrome both Linux and WIndows. Just one step on the wheel and it will zoom endlessly, is it just me ?

Same happened to me yesterday. I had been a while since I last used Chillipeppr and it worked last time. Chrome on Windows, Tinyg workspace.

It’s working ok on my laptop trackpad. I’ll have to go dig out a mouse to see what you guys are saying.

I’m getting close to the same thing. I have to avoid using the mouse wheel at all.

what browser are you guys using? i’m not seeing this as a three.js bug necessarily, so wondering if a browser update recently happened and it changed behavior and i need to adjust mouse wheel per tick calculations or something.

Windows 10 latest update and Chrome latest update.

@Marco_Colli how does Firefox act for you? Same behavior?

Don’t use Firefox at all. Not near the computer now but can try later.

On my “design machine” I use Chrome on Linux(so no auto updates) but I hadn’t used Chilipeppr since I last updated so I’m not sure. I use Firefox on the json server machine but didn’t notice if there was a zoom issue. I’ll check when I get home.

Just checked it on Firefox on the design computer and it operates as expected. I wonder what Chrome could have done in the last update(that I took) that would have done this…

They deprecated the mouse wheel event and normalized it to the wheel event. I just rolled out a fix about 10 minutes ago. Should be back to normal.

Yep, works as expected.

tx workign fine now

Works good here too now. Thanks.