Borrowed a 2014 Printrbot Simple Maker's Kit from Nils Hitze ( 3dDinge UG ).

Borrowed a 2014 @Printrbot Simple Maker’s Kit from @Nils_Hitze (@3dDinge_UG ). Here’s what i think of it.

What are your experiences with the Printrbots?

IKEA furniture gave me PTSD

I do love my simple, but yeah, you will not get high print speeds out of this chassis. However in about a year i have not had problems with stretch on the zip ties.

One thing i would also mention about the Simple Metal is that it is assembled.

And really if you apply reprap logic, this is adequate to print parts for a printer (there is a yet to be released heated bed coming, as for a @Brook_Drumm post) I would argue that as a starting point it is better than a repstrap, and you could print the same things.

I got a Printrbot Go Large (disclosure: Printrbot gave it to me). It took a bit to figure out how to use it because the leveling process was a bit different from what I was used to. However, now that I’m familliar, I’m loving it. I was also pretty happy with their customer support.

It uses Octoprint, which is pretty slick.

@Camerin_hahn nope - the kits i bought are a Kit - regarding your comment about the Metal

@Nils_Hitze Makes sense, if you are getting alot of them, it would save a ton on shipping and assembly costs for your resale. if you are getting 1 from printrbot i think they are assembled however.

@Camerin_hahn you can buy both, kit or assembled