Bonne Wilce , I know no news is supposed to be good news...

@Bonne Wilce, I know no news is supposed to be good news… But when you’re sitting alone in a hotel abroad, any news is nice to keep you distracted… Soooo… Do you have any updates for us? :smiley:

Indeed :slight_smile: Well we have been live testing the manual and packaging to make sure nothing was missing and everything works as it should. A few minor errors nothing major. 2 missing screws and a too short and too long cable. Lots to add and edit on the manual mind you but the second draft should be pretty awsome :smiley:
When are you back @CescoAiel ​?

@Bonne Wilce getting back from Moscow on Saturday evening LATE… (As in close to midnight)

just in case someone is interested: I made it home this morning (just after midnight) :wink:

@Bonne Wilce any updates on the time-line? (I’m only home for a few days, and have to travel again on Saturday…)

Cables are all most done just the motors and limit switch ones to do.
Manual needed to have clear electronics so we have now broken it up into individual bags etc and are going to take photos of each stage as well.

Meeting with tnt this afternoon to organise the shipments for those not picking up.

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