Bluetooth speaker score!

There’s a local store called Big Lots that was getting rid of Christmas items. This little speaker happened to be part of the discount and they were only $1.24 each. I bought every one they had which was about 25 or 26 of them.

Do you have a plan for all of them? I’m envisioning installation art with a dynamically changing sound environment.

Not really sure what I’m going to do with all of them.

I’m imagining a Raspberry Pi controlling creepy sounds scattered around the front of your house during Halloween. You could even do ordered sounds, like something skittering through your bushes by playing it through a succession of them.

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I’ve had a chance to dissect one and this is what I get for my buck and a quarter. I get a 4 ohm 3 watt speaker, I get a 300 milliamp hour LiPo battery, a mic, and a board that contains a 2.5 watt amp and a Bluetooth receiver chip.

Thats a great find. There are bound to be projects in the future those component’s will be good for.

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