Bluetooth relay to tiny screen and surreptitious trackpad

Hi, I have an idea to utilise my time at work. I push trolleys around for a living, and run a community group in my spare time, would really like to learn Python on the raspberry pi but just don’t have the time.

I can set up an SSH controller on my phone to a Pi at home, activated with a Smart plug also operated from my phone, but I can’t walk around looking at and manipulating my phone while working.

Surely there is some way to hide a small screen about my person, on my arm, or in the brim of my hat, and relay the Pi screen/phone screen to it by bluetooth?

Control would have to be via an onscreen keyboard with a cursor, operated by a surreptitious tiny trackpad.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?

So far I’ve thought about attaching tiny OLED screens to bluetooth somehow, but not certain how to go about this, any help appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: