Hello everyone, we have a CNC machine that has BL-USBmach card, using windows 10, right now we use mach3 software to use it,
when trying to use LaserWeb it doesn’t see the machine in the list, is there anyway to connect the machine to the LaserWeb application?

Thank you very much

I never heard of BL-USBmach. Can you give me more details or a link to them?

I found some information and it looks like this board is just a breakout board which only works with Mach3 (not Grbl compatible!). So, it cannot be operated with laserWeb.

But you could replace the board with any Grbl compatible controller, starting with simple 8 bit Arduino Uno and going up to 32 bit boards like Smoothieboard, Cohesion-3d and most 3d-Printer boards…

thank you so much,
we will do that , we wil replace it with arduino uno,