Bit more work from me.

(André Roy) #1

Bit more work from me. Been working on the blend between the wing and the fuselage. I’m liking Fusion 360 quite a bit so far.

The amount of design work required to make a project like this succeed is daunting for a single person. The amount of fabrication work is equally daunting.

I’m still hoping we can generate a bit of a development community.

(Brook Drumm) #2

I’m still suffering from not knowing the features needed in fusion 360. I am going to print everyday on the biggie to get to know its limitations and strengths. I will start by printing a big all plastic version of the plane. Then move to molds. I need to get a few dozen pounds of plastic under my belt before I feel comfortable about making molds.

Keep up the good work, man! The model looks better and better!

(André Roy) #3

I’m thinking the fuselage will be hollow to fit 3D printed framing. So It’ll be made in 2 halfs, glued together.

(André Roy) #4

I’m glad to hear you are expecting to make number of test prints :). That’s what I was expecting too based on my own experience. Be sure to share pics and details of your prints.

(André Roy) #5

I made a few successful prints with a 1mm hot end tip. Printed with 0.5mm layer thickness. Printed fast and is quite strong. I had to print PLA at a temperature of about 230C for good Layer adhesion.

(Brook Drumm) #6

Do you have fuselage ready for test prints? I fooled around with the file but I’m still a hack :wink:

(André Roy) #7

Not yet. I can get something ready for a test print though. Keep you posted.

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(André Roy) #9

This thing is going to be huge and fast.

(Brook Drumm) #10

Three failed prints, but learning how do deal w a cold shop and long prints. After a spiral print was buckling, I put a tent (photo booth tent) over the printer. Then sliced it with two walks and 5% infill. I got good results but was trying some new pla filament and running the Ubis 13S w/o a fan with a heater blowing it. Fail! It’s time for a legit plastic tent with a heater that has a thermostat. Maybe try figuring out a heated bed of some sort too. It’s frustrating to hit ambient temperature problems due to a cold shop. Maybe my wife will let me put it in the living room :wink: maybe not.

Tomorrow a fan for the Ubis 13S and more prints. Ultimately I’ll need to get some ridiculously long prints under my belt before trying large molds. Spiral prints may unlock the ability to do some very fast and interesting prints but it doesn’t really help the goals of the project at hand - printing a huge Hughes H-1 Racer. It’s amazing how strong (and heavy) a 2 wall, 5% infill is with a 1mm tip laying down .8mm extrusion! The molds will need to have more infill just to support bridging over the infill.

Pics here:

(André Roy) #11

What did you print there? The wing plug from the mold test? If so, how much did you scale it by? I should try that on my Go Large (heated bed, room temp 22C (72F).

(Brook Drumm) #12

50% scale. Settled on this to start. I won’t move on until I have two beautiful wings! Then I’ll do the split molds to the wings. Then the fuselage.

(André Roy) #13

These are just test parts, for test printing. :slight_smile: Lots of dev work required on the design still before designs are “ready”. So there’s lots of time for working out the kinks on the printing side. :wink:

(André Roy) #14

I’ll try to replicate your print this weekend.