Big thanks to the Printrbot team.

Big thanks to the Printrbot team. Some of you probably have seen my previous post about how my Printrbot Simple Metal was making awesome prints until an unexpected jam resulted in the red sleeving exploding into pieces (and the jam so major, the hot end broke).

After contacted Printrbot and providing my Amazon invoice, a new hot end is in the mail. It arrived today. The easy exchange of hot-end is definitely a nice feature because now my little Printrbot is happily humming along.

If you are still on the fence about buying a Printrbot kit, I wholeheartedly recommend. Also, @Brook_Drumm from Printrbot was engaged in my thread discussing the issue. Mad props.

#printrbot #greatcustomerservice

I had a similar experience with a whining power supply. Support was excellent.

I just ordered one and I can not wait!

@High_Museum_of_Art_A ‚Äč try sculptrus it is great if you are used to clay. You will need to scale up your model

Happy ending! Yay!! Glad we could help. We want to see every Printrbot work well!!