Big Bic Flint spring.

Big Bic Flint spring. First, found a 6x1 tube used in air conditioning mounting/repair or refrigerator repair… had to enlarge the inner hole to 5 mm f from 3,91 & also created some “hills” or different roughness surface(outside part of tube). Used 2 Big Bic coils(springs) matched as good as possible(start/end) , after i coiled them over the Cu tube, had to use bi-component glue. In case u place glue over the spring, water and scrubbing removes it. Did not had the time to test run the 2-3 versions. The last fixture i had needs to be reprinted. I’ll ask a friend for this. If anyone else can confirm the functionality, here are the photos… sorry, no video… mounted at 4.a.m

@Michael_Memeteau ​ and @Mauro_Manco : i​ hope it helps, @shauki ​ … no video yet.

this for flint from regular big right? in case i think this need to @Mike_Miller for him bic.

@Darkberg_Aryavis What’s the OD of this flint? Does not collide with current design? Otherwise great job, especially at 4 am. (larger photos would help, also).

Varies for each case :slight_smile: @shauki ​. I did not found brass, so i had to adapt to soft copper :frowning:

Photos taken at 9mpx… apparently out of space on google :slight_smile: