BIESSE ARROW ATS CNC Machining Center (w/ATC & boring with C-axis):

BIESSE ARROW ATS CNC Machining Center (w/ATC & boring with C-axis):
BIESSE “Arrow” with Twin 59" x 61" work zones can operate independently for loading/unloading on one while the other is in process or together for a large 120" x 61" work area, and are outfitted with BIESSE’S “ATS” (Advanced Table System).

Positioning Speed:
“X”, “Y” & “W” axes 262 FPM (80 MPM), “Z” axis 82 FPM (25 MPM).

Closed loop AC Servo motors drive anti-backlash, helical rack & pinion mechanisms on the “X”, “Y” & “W” axes, & a precision ballscrew on “Z” axis.

All axes ride on precision roller bearing guide ways; an automatic lubrication system services the way bearing, ballscrews and rack & pinion components.

Work areas
(8) “ATS” Panel supports (4 per zone) that can be manually moved left or right by a handle with push button release and have a digital readout for accurate positioning.

(2) NC Controlled stop pins per panel support (total 16), (1) NC controlled up/down material load bar per panel support (total 8), (6) aluminum side stop bars (3 per work zone) with (2) adjustable, NC controlled stop pins per bar (12 total).

Each panel support has (3) “ATS” sliding vacuum units (24 total), manually adjustable front-to-back, that can accept vacuum pod modules in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Boring Unit:
4 HP (3.2 kW) motor, variable speed up to 4,000 RPM; (13) Vertical spindles with (8) spindles in “X” axis & (5) spindles in “Y” axis.

(6) Horizontal spindles with (1+1) in X"X axis & (2+2) in “Y” axis.

(1) 15 HP (11 kW) “HSK-63F” Type ATC spindle mounted to the LH side of the machine.

Variable speed from 1,000 - 20,000 RPM & controlled by a programmable digital inverter; (1) NC controlled “C” axis for 360° horizontal processing.

each with 10-Position tool changer for “on the fly” ATC (max. tool dia. between positions 6.89").

Operator & Machine Control:
PC Front End with:

Biesse “NC 1000” + Windows NT Operating System.
INTEL “Celeron” Processor at 600 MHz.
9.3 GB Hard Drive.
15" Color Monitor.
101-key Keyboard, Mouse.
Parallel Port, RS-232 Serial Port, (2) USB ports.
CD ROM, 128 MB RAM Memory.
Ethernet Card, & 1.44 MB Floppy Disk Drive.

4-Axis simultaneous linear & 2-axis simultaneous circular interpolation, custom editor for part program creation, graphic setup of panel supports, internal modem for tele-service support, tool-path display, and controls dedicated to activation of the machine functions.

Options Include:

Equipment for the Processing of Windows for piece thickness from 42 to 93 mm.
It allows to perform the following workings:
Cutting of rough components and jointings.
Working of the internal part of arches, stiles and rails with the respective jointings.
Working of the external part of the assembled sash.
Working of the internal and external part of the window arch with the respective jointings, in a single piece positioning.
Working of the internal and external part of stiles and rails with the respective jointings.
The “Uniclamp” modules are easy to install, and this reduces greatly the set-up times when switching from standard workings to the processing of windows. The total height of sliding support + module bottom disk is 89 mm, which allows to work the panel even if there are thick offcuts on the panel support.

The Equipment Includes:

(8) “Uniclamp” modules
(8) “Uniclamp” modules with double movement
The supporting surface, movable along the “Z” axis, allows the easy insertion of the clamping device under the already locked pieces to be worked on (4) sides.
(2) “Uniclamp” modules, shaped on the RH side, for the working of rough components.
(2) “Uniclamp” modules, shaped on the LH side, for the working of rough components.
(2) Linear side stops to be installed on the RH and LH side stops
(2) Additional side stops (1 RH and 1 LH) for the assembly of the linear stops.
(1) Stop for sash internal reference, to be assembled manually on the first panel support
(1) Laser projector equipped with supporting column for the reference along the “Y” axis of the arches, of both sash and frame rough components.
(40) Cylindrical spacers (20 with diameter 42 mm and 20 with diameter 62 mm) for the locking of elements with different sections.
(16) Removable references to use the clamp stems as stops.

This solution allows to position (2) parallel pieces along “Y” simultaneously.

(2) Selector switches for the locking of the “Uniclamp” devices (one on each work area), to facilitate the internal/external working of the pieces.
Incompatible with the (4) working areas.

Complete with:

(1) 300 m³/Hr Vacuum pump. Assortment of “HSK-63F” tool holders; Machine safety fencing; manuals & documentation.

Actual Model is BIESSE ARROW ATS.

That is not a hobby machine.

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