Beyond Size Continue? Anywells 608

Hey all,
I have a added a design that is 280x204mm. The A4 sheet of wood fits in the bed, I can move the laser to each corner and pulse the beam to get a mark, however, when I try and cut this design I get the message Beyond size, continue?

In the past when I have continued the laser cuts stops at the point it thinks it can’t get to. Does anyone have an idea of how I tell the laser, either through lightburn or the anywells interface that things will be OK if it just trusts me?

I have tried to read the Anywells 608 manual but its horribly translated and isnt making much sense to me.

Thank you

Make sure the work area in LightBurn corresponds to your work area.

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If you are raster engraving then you also have to be aware of the over-scan amount which allows the laser head to fire at the end of the design at the same speed as the middle of the design and then decelerate after the design. This extra distance is caught by the software and could be what is giving you a warning.

so you can shrink your design slightly or maybe copy your Device configuration and rename it yourName-overscan and then increase your work area definition to the utmost limits. But you don’t want the laser head to bump anything. ie the extra size needs to be freely moving but not area for the laser to hit. if the laser moves over a mount but the motion is free it’s ok to expand this over-scan increased size.

There is a limit to what you can do and you can reduce or turn off overscanning and live with the results which might be a slightly darker edge of your design.