Between these models  which one do you prefer ? - model 1 :

(Olivier M.) #1

Between these models #ESP8266 which one do you prefer ?

  • model 1 : needs two breadboard to prototype !

  • model 2 : DIY version
  • model 3 : lua version

  • model 4 : another prototype version

-model 5 : adafruit HUZZAH

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(Antipode X (Alex)) #2

J’ai pris celui-ci sur eBay

Car simple, 2 gpio, un neutre, alim 3v3 et TX RX ! Juste le nécessaire.

Sinon t’es deux premier s me plaise bien.

(85rocco) #3

Here’s one more option, it’s 0.2" narrower and so leaves one row of connections available on each side of a standard breadboard

(Benjy Net) #4

Moi j’ai pris le 1er sur ebay cet aprem. Par contre c’est à souder soit même. 3,50€ de mémoire.
Si tu veux le programmer il te faudra un convertisseur usb-ttl genre cp2102. Ou alors tu prends directos la version nodemcu.

(Sébastien Joly) #5

Nodemcu lua

(Peter Scargill) #6

None of them - what would be ideal would be the smallest possible board with the pins on 0.1" centres - but with a 3v3 regulator onboard as well and the pullups. As for Lua, don’t let that influence your decision as you can flash that onto the boards at any time.

(Peter Scargill) #7

This guy has done a pretty good job giving 0.1" headers AND the regulator etc… and he’s selling the boards I believe…

(Claus Kühnel) #8


(Mike Thornbury) #9

I have a bunch of the boards @Peter_Scargill referred to and am very happy with them. Breadboard friendly, push-to-program, good power options. The ones I bought have the ESP-07, which means two antenna options. He is now offering more ESP module options. Great price, too!

(Peter Scargill) #10

And then there is this…

Though… if I’d been advertising this – I think I would at least have made sure all the pins were straight!!

(Olivier M.) #11

this one too :

(Mike Thornbury) #12

I was surprised, that an Adafruit board was actually quite a reasonable price… But alas, oos.