Best software for printing letter characters?

need an expert to recommend the best software to create STL files that contain text (words and letters).

I need to be able to mirror the letters in order to produce blocks similar to old-fashioned typesetting.

Most CAD packages will do that.

I use Fusion 360. I believe SketchUp will do the same.

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I’m pretty sure I recently saw a tutorial for doing that with FreeCAD, too.


could you try something like this?


I’ve always done it with FreeCAD. But I believe you can do it in OpenSCAD, too.

Yes, I’ve done this in OpenSCAD both by importing an SVG and by using its built-in text support.

Yes, Its pretty easy to do with FreeCAD. Modified the Maglower of the Caliburn nerf gun to put my wifes name on it. I used a Star Trek font I found online.


I’m also use Fusion 360 and works very well!!