Best performance Single Board Computers

Hi guy,
I use to use pi zero W for projects but this time my program is slow on pi zero so i’m looking for something faster. The most faster board with lower price including wifi.

Any ideas?


Have a look at the recently released Pi Zero 2.
Same footprint as the original Pi Zero but with a quad core CPU. Sells for $US15


Yeah actualy i just see that after posted this, not tested yet and look out of stock. For sure i will buy it.
Sometimes I just want to buy a bunch of pi to save for later, but they don’t allow more than one. :triumph:.

What is the next on the list?

Depends on what your software of choice is and what you are using it for. The teensy would be my next guess to replace the pico.

i did not know we can install os on teensy, i need install server on it (pyhton program).

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Thanks, great but look i’m gonna have some pain before adapt my project. There is some linux program and system command i used, and this is on early stage of development.

Teensy 4.1 is very fast for what it is (600 Mhz) but I think that the pi zero is already faster. The teensy isn’t running Linux.

Shipping on the Pi Zero 2 is almost as much as the board everywhere I looked, and a limit of one unit, so the effective price, shipped, was over $25. They said they didn’t expect to have substantial stock until next year in the announcement.

There are actually a lot of sbc these days with some pretty impressive specs. The pi zero w 2 is probably your best bet for a drop in replacement but if you have space, you should look into the raspberry pi compute module. It comes in many different varieties, like the full size raspberry pi 4 with up to 8GB of ram. And has the kicad files available for manufacturing custom io boards to interface with them.


And if the Raspberry pi zero w 2 is hard to find, you could look into the radxa Zero


The rPi A+ is a pretty good “small” single board computer and also priced at ~US$20. It’s the same quad-core as the 3B+ just without all the USB and Ethernet connectors at one end. Those are gone, the board is shortened and a single USB-A connector is on that end. Otherwise the 3B+ is probably your next best board.

Micro-controller boards are not in the same ballpark as the rPi SBC but can make good offboard data I/O interfaces since many of the AVRs, etc are 5V compliant while the rPis are 3.3V. The rPi can communicate with the controllers over USB easy enough.

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If you are going for “small” and want to stick with the slower rPi 3, you can also try the rPi3 compute module which is functionally the same as the rPi 3 B+ without the connectors. Everything is accessed through a standard sodimm connection.


Good point and also the 3B+ is considerably faster than the rPiZW.

As you and others might have noticed, there were NO specifications as to why a rPiZW was originally picked so the moon is the limit for ideas on what can replace it.

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I will definitively try out the pi 2 and look at the compute-module… @Ralph_Schaffner i got same idea and turned to Radxa Zero but also out of stock at allnetchina :dizzy_face:

Here’s a nice comparison of the SBC.