Besides Anthony Morris , anyone else doing a kraken build?

Besides @ThantiK , anyone else doing a kraken build? I got my lm8u bearings in from the BOM, but realize the previously posted kraken mount probably is sized for brass bushings no? Should I order them or modify the carriage design? I only have the two lm8uus…

I would modify the carriage. Let us know how it works with two.

If one per axis seems insufficient I would go with 1 long bearing versus two smaller ones.

So…am I missing the bearings for the other direction? Is this part of a multi-part, uh, part?

Like @Eclsnowman says, look for lm8luu the extra ‘l’ is for long :slight_smile:

@Mike_Miller Yes it is has multiple parts. This was done to prevent splitting when pressing in the self aligning bushings.

The lm8uu parts are a loose fit, but you guys seem to be saying that it’s worth redesigning the ID of the carriage bore for the shaft to accommodate the lm slider bearings, rather than using the brash bushings used on the x and y drive points?

The bronze is fine. But looking at the speeds Jason and Riley are hitting using bearings I am contemplating the upgrade myself.

bearings it is. I’l post the revised kraken carriage for lm8uluu (8u long bearings) next week.

@Anthony_White that’s the great thing about having two 3d printers. If you don’t like it… You can just print something else to try.

haha the Eugentis will be my third! Mendel 90 and a Rostock Max (sorely in need of a better effector carriage / linkages) are my workhorses. I plan on putting the Kraken through its paces to say the least

We need to come up with some kinda taxonomy…I’m using Ingentis parts, but at this point am NOT using rod rotation to move the effector. And looking at Latin conjugations is making my brain hurt.

veni vidi um…printi? :slight_smile: