Believe it or not this is my first print.

Believe it or not this is my first print. I honestly have to credit +Jon Caywood 's guidance , as I am as surprised as you likely are at the results of my first print.

The little spaghetti is indeed the first ooze ever released upon the world by my OB1.4.

50mm x 50mm calibration piece

Actual measurements 49.99 x 49.76








Looking good!

Congrats! I have not been very successful with my airwolf3d. Haven’t been able to print anything properly pass the first layer :confused: no idea if it’s my calibration or slicing

I find you need to have the Z homed to where you can feel the friction on a slice of paper between the nozzle and the bed. Then the first layer sticks like glue for me. Sometimes the bed gets dirty and it stops sticking, and i wipe it with alcohol (very lightly). Also have some faith my best print started out poorly.

I see. Thanks for the tip, I’m gonna give it a shot! Normally I only wipe my heated glass with a piece of tissue. Perhaps that may be a cause too