Beginner need help and information

Hello i am beginner to laser engraving and planning to buy cheap chinese laser engraver just wondering if this 500 mw laser will be able to engrave on acrylic sheet if so how wide would be the line of alphabet and will i be able to control its power. I am rally noob sont have any idea about laser please help

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A 500mW diode laser should be able to engrave acrylic fine. Font size depends on the size you give the laser and power will depend on the software settings. Can you provide a link the machine you are looking at purchasing? Make sure it’s not just the frame, sometimes you will find kits that don’t include the diode head. Will also need control software.


Solid state diodes will not engrave on clear acrylic easily. You will have to either paint the surface or use some other material. Clear acrylic will pass a solid state diode laser wavelength. Also keep in mind, that it will take you several passes just to cut any material with a low watt laser.


Yep you’re right. Forgot about the low UV absorbency of acrylic.

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I have a 5.5W diode laser and it could not realy engrave any transparent acrylic. It’s even not doing very well when painted with black marker. If you don’t plan to only engrave dark non transparent acrylic, I would suggest to by a CO2 laser.

2 Likes here is the link it say that include laser head too

i am thinking of engraving white acrylic

what about 3000 mw laser what can i do with as there is an upgrade available