Been working very diligently on this:

(Griffin Paquette) #1

Been working very diligently on this: Ender 3 upgrade board that has Trinamic drivers with software configuration as well as a 32bit processor. The board also features a direct plugin for a Pi Zero so Octoprint can be done easily and without external wiring or anything. There are two ports for z-probes- one is a direct plugin for a 24V inductive sensor (no voltage divider needed), and the other is for a BL-Touch setup. The hotend cooling fan is also always on, and the main part cooling fan is PWM controlled.

Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this! I just sent it off for fitment prototypes so any comments for a working revision would be much appreciated!

(Kevin Danger Powers) #2

Looks pretty sweet to me.

(Cristian Nicola) #3

i would either make it support 8+ motors or maybe add an expansion board to it?

(Jeff DeMaagd) #4

@Cristian_Nicola I don’t think Smoothieware supports more than six motors.

(Ryan Carlyle) #5

@Cristian_Nicola why do you want 8 motors in an Ender 3 board?

(Cristian Nicola) #6

@Ryan_Carlyle 2 for x and y, 2 for extruders, 4 for autolevelling bed.

(Griffin Paquette) #7

@Cristian_Nicola autoleveling is done through software. It doesn’t require extra motors.

(Thomas Cox) #8

6 motor support would be nice.

(Jeff DeMaagd) #9

@Cristian_Nicola wait you want to add four motors to a sliding bed?

(Ryan Carlyle) #10

@Thomas_Cox @Cristian_Nicola did you see where Griffin said this board is an upgrade for the Ender 3? It’s a cheap i3 by Creality. This board only needs four stepper drivers, and the target market is cost-sensitive so adding stuff only a few people need does not make sense.

(Griffin Paquette) #11

@Ryan_Carlyle hit the nail right on the head. To add a bunch of stuff blurs the vision and adds cost. I want to keep it as cheap as possible for the consumer (estimated $79)

(Cristian Nicola) #12

@Ryan_Carlyle apologies - missed that part. to be honest i thought ender is the name of the board :slight_smile:

(Thomas Cox) #13


There are other cheap chinesium printers with 5+ motors that need a good upgrade board. Anything Anet makes comes to mind.

(Ryan Carlyle) #14

@Thomas_Cox There are tons of cheap upgrade boards already (MKS SBASE etc) but I think the most important thing is ease of upgrade — having compatible wiring connectors and PCB footprint etc.

(Milan Jirků) #15

Looks great. Any thoughts about version with dual extrusion?

(Petr Sedlacek) #16

Interested. Just ordered a Tevo Tornado (CR-10 clone) that could use an upgrade board :wink:

(Stephen Shimatzki) #17

So I’ve seen the board here… and on Reddit /r/ender3 So you are doing a good job of promoting. What is you expected time frame and how many would you need to sell to hit your $79 target? I don’t know if I need an ender3 upgrade, as it works “ok” out of the box, but…

(Griffin Paquette) #18

@Petr_Sedlacek yep should be good here too!

@Stephen_Shimatzki thanks for the kind words. I think that if we can get 300 or so the price would be $79. It’s all pretty proven from my old board so it shouldn’t be more than a month or so before we get fully working proto’s out. Right now I’m waiting on fitment prototypes from the Fab so that we can ensure all connectors and stuff fit identical to the original board.

(Jakub Štajner) #19

Is there enought space for aditional heatsinks (CPU, stepper drivers etc.) if Pi Zero is connected to header?

(Stephen Shimatzki) #20

@Griffin_Paquette Put me down for one… I’ll keep an eye out for it. I actually have 2 ender 3’s but I’m trying to keep one “stock” for comparisons