Been watching but not playing with LW4.

Been watching but not playing with LW4.

I decided to use it and contribute to the docs.

As I understand that until LW4 is release we use the:

… to create Gcode and then load that into LW3 for printing

I can load a file on to the palate and enter setting and such in the CAM but it will not allow me to create G-code, simulate.

Am I loosing it or missed something?

OK it has to do with something in settings not "set. I don’t know which one but I had a red warning on settings and went in an tweaked stuff till it went away now I can generate G-code.

The palate is “sweet” …

+Peter van der Walt Yeah, we’ll have to start with basic machine setup and such. I was just porting over some of the stuff I had ready

+Peter van der Walt I think it was the PWM max power setting that was 0.

Yes there was a red indicator on the settings tab…
It obvious to me now. Seems like when functions are inhibited by another parameter the error symbol or tool-tip should say so :).