Been slowly assembling my MK3 clone that I have been building.

(Griffin Paquette) #1

Been slowly assembling my MK3 clone that I have been building. Bought the frame off of AliExpress and am trying to use some components that I have had around for a while.

I’m still scratching my head as to how I’m going to put my bondtech BMG on here but aside from that it’s pretty much almost ready to rock and roll!

(Ax Smith-Laffin) #2

Bracket to clamp or clip to the top of the frame, if you’re going Bowden would generally be the simplest method.

(Griffin Paquette) #3

@Ax_Smith-Laffin that’s what I’m stuck on! I want to go direct drive but Bowden would just be worlds easier!

(Ax Smith-Laffin) #4

You’d have to put the extruder on facing in the X Direction with linear rods, which is the simplest solution for DD.

Looking at the frame, it looks to be acrylic, which would benefit more from a Bowden setup over a DD setup due to the possible sight flex in the acrylic with faster movements.

(Griffin Paquette) #5

@Ax_Smith-Laffin it’s actually 6mm aluminum that’s powder coated! That’s the main reason why I think keeping it DD is the better option. I think I’ve got a rough mock-up of what I want to do. Hopefully I’ll get the mount printed today and try it out.

(Ax Smith-Laffin) #6

Yikes, that’s a tank of a frame! You’re right on the DD, you can get away with some seriously fast DD moves with that frame.

(Ryan Carlyle) #7

Yow, 6mm aluminum is overkill for a typical size i3.

(Ax Smith-Laffin) #8

@Ryan_Carlyle there’s no such thing as overkill, only under-dead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Griffin Paquette) #9

@Ryan_Carlyle nah not really. This is exactly what Prusa uses. In fact I believe theirs are actually all steel frame.

(Ryan Carlyle) #10

@Griffin_Paquette 6mm steel sounds stupidly heavy

(Griffin Paquette) #11

@Ryan_Carlyle agreed!