Been programming a Raspberry Pi for my RC car project.

Been programming a Raspberry Pi for my RC car project. Still have quite a bit of work to do for it but it is turning out quite nicely.

The main thing I am trying to achieve with my project is to bring just a normal RC car into the future with scripted driving and remote control over WiFi while still allowing the original controller to work.

I am tempted to add a camera in the mix and get it right at the front of the car for some insane RC car action but not sure if I have enough room in the default shell for the car.

Some of my parts did arrive for it including the LEDs for head lights, LEDs for tail lights and tri-color LEDs for the neons. These won’t be plugged in until I have my Pi all configured for remote deployment so until then, I won’t have any awesome pictures.

Very interesting, can’t wait to see some more! I was thinking of something similar with a Arduino Nano, though mainly just for lights.

Ahhh that’s cool. Make sure to share some posts about your progress with the group. I would like to see it. :slight_smile:

So are you going to add sensors and GPS and accellerometers. To the thing can autonomously navigate at speed?

I do have a GPS module I could use and it would be tempting to get an accelerometer to do that. Depending how I go and how eager I am to move onto my next project, I might just try that out.