Been playing with PEEK for the past week.

(Taylor Landry) #1

Been playing with PEEK for the past week.

Printed a PEEK heat sink (J Head clone?)
Though it won’t be replacing the aluminum one any time soon, it’s still awesome.

(黒い楓(Spice)) #2

Can you elaborate on what PEEK is and it’s properties that set it appart from other plastics (and why you made a heat sink out of it)?

(Taylor Landry) #3

@_Spice polyetheretherketone. You can look up its properties.
In the RepRap world, before there were all metal hotends, they were made from PEEK.

As for why I made it - mainly to say that I printed a functional hot end component.

(ThantiK) #4

@Taylor_Landry1 - Wow. Who’s the supplier of PEEK? Are you using a glass-filled PTFE liner?

(Taylor Landry) #5

It’s a PEEK filament we (MatterHackers) are working with a compounder on.

Not using GF PTFE. It has a stock E3D v6 heat break in it, so PTFE is about 15mm above the bottom of the part.

I’ll be actively cooling it, and I’m only planning to print PLA with it, so the PTFE shouldn’t have any issues.

(ThantiK) #6

@Taylor_Landry1 ah yeah - I skimmed over the picture too fast. Cool stuff still!

Is the PEEK giving you guys problems trying to spool? I think E3D had tried something like this and what they ended up getting were “sticks” of PEEK that had to be fed in one at a time.

(Taylor Landry) #7

@ThantiK nope, no issues with spooling. Got 200g and 500g spools. Working on a 2kg size too… In case you want a spool of filament that costs over $1000

(Ryan Carlyle) #8

@Taylor_Landry1 print settings, chamber temp?

(Taylor Landry) #9

450c hot end, 160c bed, 90c chamber. Print speeds 40mm/s

(Taylor Landry) #10

PVP glue stick on a frosted glass plate

(Ryan Carlyle) #11

@Taylor_Landry1 interesting, thanks. That’s up near the glass temp of PVP so I’m surprised it’s working as an adhesive at that point.

(Taylor Landry) #12

Yes, it appears to crystallize on the bed. But it does work

(Daid Braam) #13

Looks like it’s still in amorphous state, to get the true industrial properties of PEEK, it needs to become crystallized (according to my limited understanding of PEEK)
According to a person I spoke to, who is smarter then me, if PEEK isn’t in crystal form, it’s not really better then ABS/PETG.

(Taylor Landry) #14

@Daid_Braam it has definitely crystallized, though it needs to be annealed in order to crystallize it fully (or as much as it is able). It is a pretty awesome material.

(Jeff DeMaagd) #15

Amorphous PEEK is translucent and looks like amber, crystalline is tan like the image. I prefer the amorphous but I’ve been told it needs to be annealed for maximum properties, including chemical resistance.

(Jeff Parish) #16

Peek makes a great heat break for compact hot ends. It has an extremely low rate of heat transfer better than ceramic. As long as you don’t put too much compression pressure on it it does not melt or deform at moderate printing temperatures up to about 250-260 C. I use it on all my printers extruders. See an example below. It is the darkish caramel color piece between the hot end and the mounting block.

missing/deleted image from Google+