Been looking to make some centerpieces for my Masonic lodge dining room tables and

Been looking to make some centerpieces for my Masonic lodge dining room tables and finally settled on a design. Made from 1/4" birch ply and 1" pine board. It’s double sided with gold leaf paint in the lettering. Lol my lodge is loving my laser machine :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s pretty spectacular. Nice work Ned.

Thanks @Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y . I’m rather pleased myself on how it well it came out :slight_smile:
One of the biggest concerns I had with making this was the mounting of the top symbols to the base. The mounting area is recessed into the base but the mating surface is still relatively small, and especially with it being a plywood corner, I was worried about the long term strength of a glue bond. What I ended up doing was taking my dremel, with a 1/16" ball bit, and carving a series of small undercut holes in both sides of the mating surfaces. I then glued them together using some Gorilla glue, which expands while it cures, which completely locked the pieces together. The end result is a bond that would require breaking wood to get them apart.

That looks amazing brother! The checkered base is a nice touch.

Thanks @Nick_Hale . Where do you travel from?

West to the East

What lodge?

910, what about you?

Lol, Wilmington Lodge 319. It’s in Wilmington NC. Where is 910?

Perryton texas

Nice, is that your work?

Yes sir, it’s to mount over our door at the lodge. Plasma art is the main thing my shop does.

Congratulations, my brother, I’m still suffering from the best price search, but when I’m in possession of my K40, I’m going to do some parts for my lodgr. Triplice and Fraternal Embrace.

My son-in-law is a mason. I would love to try something similar for him. Would you share the graphic you used?