Been attempting to use Setting up 3d printer.

Been attempting to use
Setting up 3d printer. Have a mega/ramps board with marlin that connects and shows numbers increasing when attempting to JOG; numbers displayed next to the atmega aspect of the serial connection but nothing happens on the ramps board?

Hey Todd, the /marlin page was my initial attempt at supporting Marlin but to be honest I didn’t get very far. I belive Jon and +Peter van der Walt ​had a go at creating one, maybe they could let you know if there’s a working workspace

+Peter van der Walt I woud love add that buffer we did into Github so others can grab it for Marlin. Anyway you could send me that file?

Yeah, will need to do a cleanup because at this point there are no binary files in the repo, but there is baggage from old binary builds bogging it down.

Ok, just updated the other 2 files we had updated during the Google Hangout on Air. I figured those would show up in the pull request, but didn’t. So i manually created the changes again. Latest working version now in Github.

Just rebased the Github repo to remove all large files. Now it’s just 10MB to clone the repo. So, +Peter van der Walt please delete all copies you have and re-clone so any future pull requests don’t undo all my rebasing.

Binaries of v1.83 now available for SPJS that contain the code for the Marlin buffer.

Not code fluent but chilipeppr has sparked my interest. I have manually tweaked java code variables successfully in a surfboard cam program called boardcad using my limited knowledge of autolisp as reference.
So shall I try the /marlin workspace again with 1.83 server?
Also, want to add and delete widgets from my own workspace…any suggestions on instructions of doing this?

There’s a ton of videos on Youtube about how to make your own workspace and tweak your own widgets. I think Marlin may be workable with the latest 1.83 but I have no Marlin board so no way to know. +Peter van der Walt is the most knowledgeable.