Been a while. My printer has been out of action but today found the

Been a while. My printer has been out of action but today found the time to get it up and running again. Have spent the day considering the great “Flying Extruder” modification since I think I’ve just about had enough of long Bowden. @Walter_Hsiao ​ what length did you cut the stepper supporting extrusions to? And could you point me to the files for the bondtech mount and the little stem to support the small Bowden? I have put together something similar to your 2020 pivots using the vitamins I had on hand, just need to print the mount and try it out.

@Maxime_Favre ​ I know you did the flying extruder mod. Can you give some notes on the conversion?

I am running a e3d titan direkt drive. Works great…

Thanks for the links @Eclsnowman ​. Missed that video… So sold now just because it looks so cool!

@Markus_Granberg ​ do you have a mount for the Titan? Would be willing to give that a go too. I am just way too impatient and lazy to properly tune a Bowden. By the time I get it right from a given spool I’m out of plastic!

This is the mount I’m using now

Cool! Can you share the STL? I have a few sets of bearings so could make that up and shove an e3d lite in it for flexibles. Does that mount also include the sensor? Would be very interested in giving that a go. We should get that mount added to the git repo too.

I will share the files when I get home :slight_smile: yes the sensor is a part of it to.

I tried the flying extruder for 4-5 months with great results. The only weakness are the pivot joints. They aren’t rigid enough on the long run and then the flat roller bearings start wearing quickly adding plays one the arm.

For the arm extrusions length I simply cutted a 425 spare in two. It’s quite simple: the total extrusion length + the pivot joints length must be able to reach each corners of the print area + a safe margin. (it depends where you choose to mount the base of the arm. In the middle of a side in my case).

If I found the time I’ll test to mill aluminium joints on the cnc.

Another solution to shorten the bowden is to place the extruder on a construction above the gantry. I built a square top on top of the frame (25cm high). This way I could reduce the lenght of the bowden from 80 to 30cm. Tuning for ABS is easierthan before. I haven’t tried flexible filaments.
The advantage of this solution is that it allows to build an enclosure around the printer. This would be difficult with the flying extruder, as the “elbow” sticks out of the frame.

@Maxime_Favre ​ do you have the STL for the extruder mount and Bowden support?

@Daniel_F ​ I had considered this approach as well. How did you mount the extruder? I was worried that it would result in much twisting of the Bowden. I might give that a go today since I have appropriate parts on hand and it requires less modification than the flying extruder.

@Ben_Delarre I placed it on a 2020 extrusion, see here

@Ben_Delarre here it is!AgMdpPc7a2rwgfUId9tf0uU6rrle1Q