Bedheater acting up when motors are engaged.

(AndersE_SW) #1

Lately i have been having problems with bedheating. I am using a 230v 800W silicone heater with a SSR, and it has been working great before.

Now the heating is intermittent (the led on ssr is flashing irregular) as long as the motors are engaged. If i disengage them the light stays on constant.

This means that bed temp takes an awfully lot longer to rise up to workingtemp. And i does not seem to get over 65-70c now.
If i heat bed with motors off then there are no problem. But i can’t print ABS, because it will drop as soon i start.

I updated firmware 2 weeks ago, could it be a glitch in that? Should i go back to an earlier version?

I have it configured for a delta.

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