Bed size limit for GRID leveling

Is possible to define bed limit for grid leveling? If no, I would like to sugest this feature.
In the Grid leveling strategy, you must specify the bed size and then the smoothie calculate points automaticaly, using compensation from offset to take measure. But, for some cases, this is a problem. For exemplo: my printer position 0,0 is really the min travel of my printer, carriage doen’t go below 0 on X or Y. My nozzle offset is about 27mm on X, so when GRID start measurements, my carriage simple crash on printer because they try to go to -27mm to take first measurement. Would be cool if we can specify travel limits for carriage and for the first and last points, if travel is the ame size of bed, smoothie would not apply offset for these points.

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I have a similar problem i guess.
If the nozzle is at 0,0 , then my bed starts from 35,5. My Z probe is attached at 30,18 wrt the nozzle. So when i try to run the probing the sensor dosent have any bed below it, so i dashes in to the mounts of the bed. The first probing point is automatically taken up by smoothie as 0,0.
If there was a way to give offset of bed from origin such that the probing grid could be offset from origin it would solve my problem.
Tried looking around but couldn’t find any answers.

You can either change the current position of the head by using the G92 command before starting the probing, or change the position at which the head is after homing by changing the alpha_min, beta_min, etc