Because it's relevant.  I especially love that it was made out of color-changing filament.

Because it’s relevant. I especially love that it was made out of color-changing filament.

Your caption is awesome!

The C & B is tiresome but to be expected with any new technology.

“Im one of the few out there with little enough dignity to do this”

hah! Need to look into that thermochromic filament tho.

Don’t you mean Dicknity !!

I don’t know about silicone but there is the 618 nylon. Might be a better bet. Plus the ABS is porous - probably a great breeding ground for bacteria etc. It was bound to happen, the guy who runs sees a future in it with the proper materials. Much akin to the guy running defense distributed ( when makerbot purged the AR-15 lower and derivatives.

Silicon would require heat in the 2500 degrees F range.
There are some silicone rubber compounds that are thermoplastic. However, they’re not generally solvent-friendly so they’d come out looking like typical 3d-printed materials, all full of lines and ridges and places for bacteria to grow.

You could use abs as a master plug for a mold . You can get molding materials from places like smooth-on, etc.

What about extruding sugru.

Best detail of the whole story: the filament came from the unfortunately named repraper.

Glad you guys liked it :slight_smile: I love RepRaper plastic, yea horrible name but great vendor.

Wow, Thermochromatic filament! Would love to get some but can’t seem to find the 1.75mm PLA version on their site … Hmmm :S

@Neil_Underwood Did you have to do anything special to the filament before using it? I found that the filament I got from them had really bad moisture absorption, so it popped and sputtered coming out of the extruder.

@Whosa_whatsis No not at all. How long ago did you get the plastic? The stuff from the middle of last year was horrible, but with each batch they have got better. Now I have zero issues with their plastic (and they include a big Silica bag in each bag of plastic now)

I ordered from them to check out the quality when they first came online, so definitely the early stuff. I’ll have to give them another try!

@Whosa_whatsis They get cheap if you order 8-11kg below 4kg you do better to get from domestic sources.